Credit card surcharges

Every time you purchase oil on a credit card, the oil supplier gets charged a percentage transaction fee by the credit card company, usually around 1.5%. In comparison, the fee for debit cards is a very small flat rate.

As the price of oil has (at times) increased quite dramatically, this percentage fee is costing the suppliers more to absorb should you choose to pay by credit card e.g. 1.5% of £500 is £7.50. Many suppliers therefore feel it is only fair to pass some or all of this burden to people who choose to pay by credit card.

The best way to make sure you can get the best deal is to try to pay by cash, cheque or debit card if you can. If you have to pay by credit card, please take on board that there may be a surcharge.

Where we are aware of the credit card price, we will list this beside the cash price. This may be rounded as a result of calculating from a percentage.