Apollo oil tank monitors


The Apollo Standard uses an ultrasonic sensor on your heating oil tank and beams the result to a visual indicator in your home (which can be up to 200 metres away). It is suitable for almost all oil tanks up to 3 metres in height.

The receiver plugs into a standard UK plug and can be easily configured to your size of tank to give the correct results. It displays up to 10 bars to show how much oil you have left.


With the Apollo Smart, you can see how much oil you have (in litres and "days to empty") as well as costs, consumption and emissions.

Like its predecessors, the Apollo Smart uses tried and tested transmitter and receiver technologies. The rocket shaped transmitter wirelessly sits on your oil tank powered by a long life battery (lasting up to 10 years).

It has a visual indicator and warning light if you are running low but also transmits its information to the receiver in your home.

The home receiver carries out analysis on how much oil you have left and can display heating costs (in £ or €). As well as displaying in real time how many days supply you have left, it even comes with an internal air temperature reading and cold weather warning indicator.

Apollo Smart also now cleverly incorporates as standard a Fuel Theft Alarm. There will be an alert if there are any sudden level drops within the tank.